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Multi-country payments acceptance optimization for leading international retailer


A leading international retailer, after a rapidly expanding in recent years, needed to optimise the payment acceptance scheme implemented in Europe

The main objectives to address were: what were the possible strategies to implement, what capabilities do I need in each of the markets and which suppliers are better positioned to provide them


  • Identification of the different payment acceptance models currently adopted in the countries within the project scope (+30 countries)
  • Analysis of the different possible strategies, description of the alternatives, advantages and disadvantages
  • Characterization of the different countries in the scope: preferred payment methods, financing culture, legal and economic acquiring specificities, …
  • Identification of main suppliers and design and sending of a request for information (RFI)


Following the assessment of the responses to the RFI, and the characterisation of the needs for the different countries of the scope, various alternatives for the optimisation of the payment scheme were proposed, the key decisions to be taken to decide between the strategies were identified, and the next steps to be taken to carry out the implementation of the selected strategy were detailed

Assessment of new trends in payment acceptance for small merchants


One of the leading Spanish banks wanted to strengthen their card payment acceptance (acquiring) business in the small merchant segment

The main objective was to assess the new technologies that facilitate the acceptance of payments through new, simpler and cheaper card reading devices, or even with the merchant's own mobile phone, to increase our client’s competitiveness in this segment


  • Market analysis in the target countries, including recent and expected growth of the acquiring business, value chain, main market dynamics and key players
  • Identification and analysis of new payment acceptance technologies, as well as the main technology companies that are developing them, as possible partners for the launch of solutions
  • Analysis of the main competitors and characterization of their value proposition
  • Development of business cases of the expected return in 5 years and the investment needed for the different alternatives


The business plan showed an opportunity for the bank in the main target countries, and therefore decided to initiate selective contact with identified partners

An agreement was reached with one of the partners to develop and launch a pilot in one of the target countries, in order to assess the commercial launch of the solution (pilot in progress at present) on the basis of its results

Assessment of the evolution of financial services for large international corporations


In a global context of strong competitive dynamics, a financial solutions provider, with focus on the travel sector, wanted to deepen their understanding of the evolution of treasury, supply chain finance and FX solutions available in the market for large corporations globally

The main objective was to identify new solutions in the market and potential partners for the joint launch of services to its customers


  • Identification of solutions offered by global financial institutions and specialized FinTechs at global level
  • Detailed analysis of solutions, through interviews with solution providers
  • Structured presentation of a comparative analysis of existing solutions and fit with the banks customers
  • Definition of potential courses of action


The presentation of the project helped our client understand its position in the market in relation to the major players in the sector, and to further advance in the definition of specialised solutions for its customers in the travel sector.

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